Lilley Family Tree Now Online

The first of a number of family trees associated with my family is now accessible via the Tracing our History website. A username and password are required to view the family trees hosted on the site. These are issued to family members who are able to show their relationship to the family.

The first tree posted on the site is that of the Lilley family, starting with William Lilley (Born 1624) and follows his descendants. The tree can be found via the link below:


31 thoughts on “Lilley Family Tree Now Online

  1. Would love to find out if I am related to William Lilley 1624 but need to get some further details about him. i.e. where was he born the names of his offspring. Can’t prove I am related to him unless I know more about him.

    • Hi Vivienne

      I am currently researching the Lilley family in Lincolnshire and in particular in the Mablethorpe-Lincoln-Grantham-Boston ‘box’, does this connect with what you are doing?

      This area seems to have at least four distinct families; the indigenous Lilleys, the descandants of Sir Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes), a family that has come northwards via Cambridgeshire, and possibly another family that has come via Tamworth and Staffordshire. I am having a bit of trouble disentangling them!

      If I can be of help please ask.

      Kind Regards

      Graham Lilley

      • Hi Graham,
        Have been away from my research for a while and have just read your post. I have managed to trace my family back to Alfreton in Derbyshire. The earliest I can get is when William Lilly married Mary Flint in 1807.
        Any connection?
        Kind Regards,

        Vivienne Ross (nee Lilley)

    • Hello Vivienne
      I think you are related to William Lilley my grand father is Sidney Lilley and my great grand father is samuel Lilley

  2. Hi Kevin

    It has be a long since with kept in touch through our email we shouls keep in contact.

    I was in Mitland over the the long weekend in June with our grand daughter carla she was playing Basketball for her team I did not think to look you up in Newcastle it was very cold down there and raining.
    I hope we will be able to meet in person I would love that

    Take care
    God bless you

  3. my grandmother was born elizabeth lilley in 1882,brown st manchester,father johnathan mother margaret (maude)

  4. Am researching family history. Looking for any information on Ella lilley, my great grandmother. She married William E Smith Nov 25 1897. Born approx 1871??.

  5. Hi my name is Jasmin Lilley and what to find out more about the Lilley family now i am only 10 but but what to find out all i can about the Lilley family

    • hello Jasmin, good luck on your quest, my granny was a lilley, her name was May Elizabeth, she was born on the 16/08/1882 in brown street, Manchester. she walked to Leicester when she was 15 and lived there for the rest of her life. she had 13 children.
      she died in march 1977, I loved her very much and still miss her, i`m 67 tomorrow 27/07/13.

  6. Hi Kevin, I am doing some research on my Lilley family tree. My Great Grandfather was William Lewington Lilley his father was Henry Lilley (born Upton upon Severn Worcester). William was born in Mountain Ash Wales, and worked as minor. He moved away from Wales to Warrington, and changed his surname to Taylor after 1911 (the last recorded census of him in Mountain Ash). This remained a family mystery for over a hundred years, but I believe I know the reason why. He married in Warrington in Cheshire as William Taylor in 1923 age 34 and put down his father on the certificate as Henry Taylor (deceased). Near is death in 1977 in Warrington he hinted at changing his name to my grandfather, thus on his death certificate it reads William Lewington Lilley; born Glamorgan Mountain Ash. Strange thing is we are still called Taylor now, my name is Garry Taylor; would of been Lilley or still technically is. But I’ve done research and over the past few days discovered that William Taylor (Lilley) was married in 1910 age 22 in Mountain Ash on the 1911 census originally to a Margaret with a 5 month old child. Perhaps this was the reason for moving away from Mountain Ash I hate to say, he ran off and changed his name as he was still married. So I believe he was married twice and still married the second time, I can’t find any information on him separating after 1911. I am wondering if you can help with what you have? I have so far traced Henry back to Upton upon Severn in 1861 born 1859. But desperate to know what came of this 5 month old child in Mountain Ash and Margaret I can’t find anything. Many thanks, Garry

  7. Hi Kevin
    I am /was a Lilley. I have managed to trace my great grandfather back to Middlesex around his birth 1835 but cannot find anything prior to that. He married a Martha Tann (nee White) from Scarborough and they ended up in Middlesbrough. His son Thomas was my grandfather. One interesting fact is the middle name Langley which my grandfather showed on his marriage certificate
    Any connection with your family??

  8. Hi my name Alana Williams I live in Lismore and my great grand father is Samueal Lilley and my father is Harold Knight his father is Sydney Lilley, wondering if I can have any one keep in touch with me I love to here from family

  9. Hi
    I’d like to view this family tree to get some more info of my family my great great grandfather is Samuel Lilley, my great grandfather Frederick and my grandfather Desmond

  10. Sorry all who have posted here – I haven’t been able to do a lot on the family history side of things for some time and I’m not sure just when I’ll be able to again at this stage. The family tree is currently in limbo and I’m undecided on its future. When I have the opportunity to return to the work I’ll probably decide then – keep an eye on the Blog (subscribe perhaps) for updates on this in the future.

  11. Hi Im not sure if im related to the Lilleys your researching. At present I can back as William lilley b1777 married to mary lenton. His father was Richard lilley and Ann who were arouynd stanwick at the time of Williams birth. Id love to know more about if they are related .

  12. hi Bodie
    I been reading your viewS on the Lilley family Tree and I have notice that your great great grandfather is Samuel Lilley he is my great great grandfather through my father Harold Knight ,cause he father is Sidney Lilley and he comes from the first or second marriage not quite sure ,

    I have all these information on both of Samuel and Sidney Lilley and there wifes.

    It would be good if we can keep in touch by email me on my hotmail .

    Has I say it would be so good to hear fom you .

    Kind Regards


    • hi Bodie its been a long time since I email you my email still stand the same I would love to hear from you if that fine with you .

      Kind Regards
      Alana Williams

  13. Hi Kevin,

    I have seen your document previously online but I am now unable to locate it again.
    I know I am mentioned in your work, so we appear to have a connection, and was hoping to locate your work to compare my findings to ensure I was on the right track!

    I am descended from William Lilley born Barnstaple, Devon 26 August 1817 and married Mary Ann Banger.born approx. 1818. Mary’s family were mostly from the St Lawrence in Thanet region, although previous generations were from Dorset.

    They are the parents of Mary Ann Lilley who married in the US to Ernest / Charles Diemar.
    Upon the death of her husband, Mary Ann, or ‘Polly’ as she was known, sailed to Australia to be with her brother, Samuel Lilley. My 2 x ggrandfather, Charles Cuzco Diemar was born on the voyage over here.

    I am currently trawling through UK Coast Guard records, as both William Lilley and his father, (also William), appear to have been in this service for many years. I have just located William (snr.) in some 1831 documents about his current station and then his subsequent transfer … to Pegwell Bay, where our Bangers’ mostly originated

    My question is, did you get this far and if so, would you like to share information?
    If you haven’t got this far, I am more than willing to share any findings I have.

    Kind regards,
    Julie 🙂

    • Hi Julie
      My name is Alana Williams I’m from Australia I live in Lismore my father is Harold Knight his dad is Sydney Lilley that my grandfather and Sydney dad is Samuel Lilley.
      We would be related down the Lilley’s line somewhere it would be lovely If we can keep in touch .
      The knight family are Aboriginal descendants I hope that wouldn’t stop us keeping in. touch with one another .
      God bless you


      • Hello Alana!

        While not part of my own DNA, I have a nephew of Aboriginal descent, and a great niece of African descent, so I would NEVER allow that to stop me being in contact with anyone. 🙂

        My email is

        Julie 🙂

  14. My great great great grand father was a Luke Lilley he married a cordilia Davis and came to Australia from Plymouth England their som was a William Lilley he was 13 in 1852

    • I thank you so much for letting me in your life. And i am happy to be relate to you and your family that mean a lot to me .
      Thanks again god bless you and your family


  15. My name is Kimberly. I am the great granddaughter of William e Smith and Ella Lilley. Would like to connect and trace the family history.

    • Hi Kimberly – thanks for your comment. I haven’t been here much, so sorry for the delay. I won’t bore you with the reasons for that. Do you have any further info that you can provide on your family? If so, I can check my records and see what I can find.

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