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11 Mysterious Graves


Some graves are mysterious because the identity of those within is unknown. Others, because of the legends surrounding them. And some, because the location is not quite known.


The Female Stranger – One night in 1816 a couple walked into Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria, Viriginia. It was obvious to everyone inside that the woman was very sick. She was put up in a room and the doctor was called. But she soon died. The man requested that their identities be kept a secret, erected a grave marker and disappeared–his bills unpaid. Everyone kept the secret…we still don’t know who is buried in this grave. Some think it is Theodosia Burr.


Lived Once, Buried Twice – While being buried alive was certainly possible, and greatly feared, it didn’t happen all that often. But Margorie McCall was one such person, who lived to see another day. Thank goodness for the grave…

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