The link below is to an article that takes a look at Evernote’s latest app – Scannable. This app is great for scanning articles and documents into Evernote and thereby archiving them for future reference. I’m sure the usefulness of such an app is apparent to all, especially Evernote users and those needing to grab some document of interest to family history.

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Imgur Pro

The link below is to an article that takes a look at Imgur Pro, which is an image sharing site that is now offering its service for free. I currently use Flickr and can’t see that choice changing any time in the near future – however, having another option available will be of value. I will look at using Imgur Pro in some manner in the future. Imgur Pro is just another option for sharing family photos among family and friends.

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More Free Google Drive Storage – Act Quickly

If you use the cloud for storage, as I do to a certain extent (or even feel that you may need more online storage in the future), the more free space you have the better. Google is currently offering an increase of storage on Google Drive for simply checking your account security settings. By doing so you will go from 15gb to 17gb of free online storage. Sounds great to me and I have taken up the offer. It may provide you with needed extra space in the future for online storage of family history files.

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