About Tracing our History

Updated 13/02/2011

The ‘Tracing our History’ Blog is the main tool for releasing news concerning the Tracing our History website, which deals with matters relating to the family history of my family, as well as with other areas of history of interest to me. The Blog is for informing, educating, entertaining, updating, sharing, etc. It is the means for keeping my family informed and involved with the happening surrounding my site at:


I am of course the chief contributor to this Blog (and the before mentioned web site) and also the moderator of it. I do however welcome contributions from others in the family and will consider adding contributors to the management team of the Blog. This is something I would love to do. If you do want to add something please let me know.

I am hoping that this Blog site will further assist my research into our family history, as well as others who are pursuing the same goal and will therefore enable us together to trace our history both in Australia and abroad.

If you can assist us in tracing our history please contact us and share what information you have – be it documents, family trees, photographs, video, records, etc. It will all help to put together as comprehensive a family history as we can, in order to share it with others in the family today, as well as preserving our history for those who will come after us. In this regard we can put together something of a ‘cyber-museum’ if you like.

For more about me visit:

Thanks for visiting – come again and contribute if you can,

Kevin Matthews


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    I forgot to respond to your post, which I have in moderation review still. If you have an email address can you post that and I can receive it and then delete. Thanks,


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