Because of the massive amount of spam that is generally generated at most online free guestbooks for websites, I have decided to use the ‘Tracing Our History’ Blog (specifically a page on it) as a Guestbook for both the Blog and the website at, or as it is called, ‘Tracing our History.’ Visitors need only visit this page and leave a comment on this particular page to register a guestbook thought, comment, etc. Please do so – thanks,



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17 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Hi there Mr Matthews, i was hoping that i might be able to see the fmaily tree you have on your tracing our history site so i can see where i fit in and if i am possibly able to assist with it some.

    Yours truly

    Raeleine Eiler (nee Blanch)

  2. Hi Raeleine,

    I sent you an email (hotmail account) last week I think it was. The tree itself isn’t available at the moment on the site – the book is however and there is a link to the page on

    It is password protected and I’d be happy to send you that – is the hotmail address valid? Should I send it there?


  3. Hi Kevin,
    Your site is tremendous mate well done. You have obviously put a lot of work into it.

    I would like access to the Family Tree, so could you send me a password please.

    Had contact from a distant relative recently…daughter of Harold Knight, grandaughter of Sidney Knight (son of Samuel Lilley with Selina Lestone). She wants to make contact with our family and get to know us. If you are interested I can pass on her information.


    Uncle Norman

  4. I too, might be a distant american relative. Samuel Lilley (b.1805) left England to settle in New York with his wife, Martha. They had a few children and had some more once arriving in America. He was a weaver by trade. any thoughts?

  5. Hi
    I’m Harold Knight daughter and granddaughter of Sidney knight and great granddaught of Samuel Lilley. My family love to get in contact with the other family and to get to know them if that ok by them


  6. Hi Kevin,
    I am interested in looking at your family tree as I am a Matthews and would love to find out more. My grandfather is William Veale Matthews, married to Irene.
    Love your work,
    Susan Matthews

    • My grandfather was Matthew Lilley (b.26/1.1889) to Jonathan & Maryanne who migrated to Australia. My grandfather had a brother William who was killed in the Boer War. I believe I am also related to Sir Charles Lilley (b.27/8/1827) from Newcastle-on-Tyne, who became the third Premier of Queensland, Australia. I am very interested in finding out more if we are from the same line of Lilley’s.

  7. Hi. I am looking for information about my father’s family. My grandfather was Roy Charles Bagg, son of Louisa (from Germany) and William (possibly from England). Roy had a sister named Nell and brothers George and Charlie (also a brother William/Wilhelm, who was taken to Germany when he was 3 years old and left with his grandmother). I would love to find more information about Louisa, nee Weller, and her husband William.

  8. Hi there,

    Just stumbled upon your page whilst doing some family history googling.

    I am the great, great, great granddaughter of Maryanne Pond. Her daughter Elsie was her daughter (my Grandma (deceased) who then had Nan Delma, who then had my mum Julie.

    My name is Merran Elise- a play on Maryanne and Elsie.

    Grandma used to talk about the family farm often and told us all about the horse and cart ride from Raymond Terrace Inn.

    She was a lovely lady 🙂

  9. Hi,
    I have been interested in family history for years. My current life has now allowed me to consolidate the scraps of information I had collected, get serious about getting into a permanent everlasting archive to share with other family members now and in the future and see what else I can discover. As a result I have come across your blog and site.
    I descend from Eliza Blanch, daughter of Thomas Blanch and Hannah Austin, my 3x great grandparents. It then goes: Eliza married Thomas Elliott; their son George Sidney married Florence Bundy; their son Arthur Frederick married Bethelia Audet; their daughter Suzanne married my father Albert. The result is me Matthew Stepto.

    Would love to know if you have this branch in your list of family members, and any more I can do to share information I have a possibly view what you have that would be interest to me.

    Cheers, Matthew

  10. Hi Kevin
    I found your site via the Mid North Coast Pioneers website
    I am a descendant of William (Bristol Bill) Amos and for whom you may have supplied the Date and Place of Birth. I would be interested in any further info that you may have on William (and his wife Elizabeth Blanche) prior to their arrivals in Australia and any useful sources in the UK etc..
    Also it would be good to know where William (and subsequently me) fits into your (Mathews) family.

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