Limited Posts for Next Week or So

The last week or so has been marked by a degree of havoc, due to illness initially and followed up with what was the equivalent of a category 1 or 2 cyclone, which crossed the coast just to the north of where I live. There has been plenty of damage, flooding and extended periods of power outages across a very wide region. What this will mean for my Blogs is that there will be very limited posts over the next week or so. Reasonably normal service will be returned as soon as that is possible.


Confused Records

I have started to look at the family history records and material again – it has been a few years since I have seriously considered this work. I think I could probably write quite an article as to why it has been so long, but the short version will do – injury, illness and other commitments. I am going to try and get back into it and to do so I’ll have to review everything as I have no idea as to where I’m up to with it all. Everything is somewhat confused and a lot of that has to do with everything being in storage for a while following my car accident a number of years ago and my having moved not long before that. Anyhow – I have it all to do.

Limited Posts

I have had some surgery in recent times and while everything seems to be going OK, healing well and all the rest, I have been finding some difficulty while sitting at the computer – so I have been easing off on the posts in recent times. I expect this will continue for the next couple of weeks or perhaps a bit longer than that. I don’t intend to stop posting completely, but there will be far fewer posts during this period. One or two Blogs that I have will receive no posts during this time, while one or two others will continue to receive the same number of posts throughout this period. However, it is all a bit of a daily thing as to just how many posts I upload.

So all is going well, but a bit of a break and rest is needed to ensure a full recovery. Thanks all 🙂